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Meet Tami Dickerson, member of Georgetown Works. Since graduating from Georgetown County Career Connections (GC3) Employment Boot Camp in March of 2018, Tami has gotten a job at a local retail shop. After only two months on the job, her supervisor was so impressed with her work performance that she received a promotion and a raise. She is also taking computer training classes to learn Excel and Windows 2016, Her goal is to one day own her own business and complete her college degree. Tami says her employment coach, Marie Livingston was "very persistent in keeping in touch with her, and pushing her to reach her personal and professional goals when I was going to just settle and put my dreams on the back burner." Tami also adds that Livingston, "helped her realize that in spite of setbacks....,I really did have my priorities in order.' She is "thankful to all that staff members for believing in her"

Tami is just a small sample of the wonderful people we help here at Friendship Place and Georgetown Works. A donation of just $250 helps us put our neighbors like Tami through the employment boot camp and on their way to reaching their full potential.